Noritake: The Standard of Perfection

Noritake for Phuket

MG Ceramics (MGCP Ltd) are the authorized seller of Noritake tableware in Phuket, Thailand.

We can provide excellent service and competitive prices for both Bone China & Porcelain Tableware products ideal for the HORECA market and for high class hotels that want more choice in fine dinning and are looking to add a touch of class, with a wide range of shapes in durable white ware that pass all ceramic standards prop65 & FDA.

Noritake was established in 1904 and is highly regarded in the ceramic industry as one of the top prestige brands with emphasis on quality design and choice, With both Modern & contemporary designs and shapes that are perfect for fine dining and everyday use and has the expectation of the highest level.

With the option of small MOQs and quick delivery time please contact me for more information.

Noritake: The Standard of Perfection

In this video from Noritake, the history and the basics of fine china and crystal stemware are examined.